Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan
Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan 

 February 2017 Minutes

Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting
1 February 2017, 6pm, at Bridport Town Council Offices (Mountfield)


Present: Phyllida Culpin - Chair (Allington), Richard Freer (Allington), Steve Spear (Bradpole), Richard Nicholls (BLAP), Andrew Leppard (Bridport), Caroline Meredith (Chamber of Commerce), Glenn Crawford (Bridport), Colin Sparkes (Bothenhampton & Walditch).


Also in Attendance: Sal Robinson, Colin Baker (Bradpole PC), Gavin Fryer (Land Use), Sue Fryer (Land Use), Maureen Jackson (BLAP), Raja Jarrah (Climate Change), Margaret Toft (Climate Change), Richard Toft (Climate Change), Colin Divall (Transport), Amanda Streatfeild (Symondsbury PC), Tricia Dendle (Bradpole PC), Mike Farmer (Sustainable Transport), Rose Chaney.



Phyllida welcomed Colin Sparks, the Bothenhampton and Walditch representative, and everyone introduced themselves.


Phyllida reminded everyone of the Register of Interests.


1. Apologies.

Bob Driscoll (Symondsbury), Katy Graham (Project Manager).


2. Minutes of last meeting.

The minutes were AGREED and signed.


3. Matters arising from the minutes.



4. Feedback from the Land Use meeting, the Joint Council Committee meeting and the meeting with Hilary Jordan, WDDC.

  1. Land Use meeting held on 24 January 2017.

  2. Agreed that the Land Use report will be reviewed by all those who went on the site visits by 1 February, and then circulated to all

  3. Joint Council Committee meeting held at 10 am on 30 January 2017.

  4. An over view of the current position was presented to the JCC

  5. It was agreed that we need clarity from West Dorset

  6. The minutes of the meeting with Hilary Jordan will be passed to the JCC who will respond back to West Dorset

  7. Meeting with Hilary Jordan held at 3 pm on 30 January 2017 – a copy of the finalised notes is appended to these minutes.

  8. Phyllida thanked those who attended and those who stepped down from attending to keep the numbers down

  9. Notes from the meeting were circulated and discussed

  10. Tricia reminded everyone that the Joint Council Committee will not authorise further expenditure until the way forward has been determined and agreed by the Steering Group

  11. How do we get Dorset County Council involved for transport? AGREED that the JCC will include this in their letter

  12. AGREED to question the “ring round” approach used to ascertain what shops people want in Bridport. Was this the only way that data was collected?

    Questions were raised as to how much say we have in the “choice” of examiner – Katy to investigate

  13. The draft notes need to be checked by all attendees prior to being sent to Hilary Jordan

  14. Dissatisfaction was expressed regarding the answers given to the questions about the SHMA

  15. The Steering Group AGREED to move forward using 2015 Local Plan (& SHMA) figures but will continue to press for the SHMA to be reviewed. 

  16. AGREED to ask West Dorset for copies of the full correspondence with and reports from the consultants regarding the SHMA – request for the JCC to consider including this in their letter to West Dorset  

5. Programme budget.

£1846.10 (from the Locality grant) paid to Jo Witherden for the work on the Land Use Site Assessments.


6. Project Plan.

Katy circulated copies of the plan and asked for comments within 5 working days.


7. Public Participation / Any Other Business.

  • Community Fair – Saturday 4 February. Caroline, Richard Freer and Sal will be there. Katy will be there for both the Neighbourhood Plan and BLAP.

  • AGREED that any future meetings with West Dorset should be held in Bridport not Dorchester.

  • Please will everyone who used Facebook share the Vision-2030 posts.

8. Next meeting.

The next Steering Group meeting will be on Thursday 16 February, 6 pm at Mountfield.


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